Just Ask

Last week I wrote about listening to my students and the shock I received when I realized that I was always planning for my students but not with my students. In fact, I was doing the same thing that teachers complain about others doing to us.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t listening to my students but rather, that I was listening to them only after I … Read More

Building Reading Lives

We all know the benefits of reading in school. That’s not something I need to discuss with anyone coming here. We all spend endless hours planning and revising our reading blocks – figuring out how to squeeze in more independent reading time, how to have one more conference each day, how to build the conversations in our class and how … Read More

That Magic Moment

Yesterday, my class had that Magic Moment. If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what that moment is. It’s the beginning of the day and the kids are coming in as you greet them. Then suddenly, you have to step out of the room for some reason – to talk with a parent, because some catastrophe is going on down … Read More