I teach third graders in Arlington, VA – just two blocks from my house.  I taught for a few years, took a break to do educational research and came back to the classroom because I missed the students and the relationships.  I am both in love with and eternally frustrated by public education.  This blog will hopefully allow me to share my reflections with other teachers and to engage in a collaborative conversation.

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  1. Hope

    What better place to do AUTHENTIC educational research—in the classroom. A coworker, Mary Tedrow(Handley High School), shared this blog with me/us!! You are the type of teacher we need in our classrooms—–sees your classroom as a community for building(naturally/not “forced” on by the “experts”) relationships and memories. You returned to the classroom, your calling. Your diverse experiences with a diverse group of people over the years(esp in hgh school)has/will continue to enrich your classroom and your students’ lives!!!

  2. Rayanne Pirozzi

    Just read all your posts Jan 2015 to current. In my head I see my class of second graders frantically making our connection signal because they so strongly connect (and Ms. Pirozzi can not handle all those way too loud voices.) I connect with you! I really had to laugh when I read you post about your hippy/zen approach to teaching and your evolution. We are on the same path. My first year my AP asked me about my lesson planning and my reply, “It is organic.” She scowled.

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